UPDATE: Fri, May 1


It’s been a helluva six weeks since the Bay Area and the country began sheltering in place. Through the sheer generosity of this community we raised over $55,000 from 800+ family, friends and fans. The City of SF gave us a grant, and we’re making progress on emergency Federal loans.

Through all this, us Californicorns have made it safely into hibernation. But as the situation drags out, we know we’re not out of the woods yet.

So we’re re-tooling what we can offer to keep this community #TogetherWherever. We know millions of folks are in precarious positions all over the world, and we’re right there with you. So if you’re looking for some fun distractions, and/or ways to support PianoFight, check these out:

Virtual Night at PianoFight Thank You Show
– If you’ve donated to our crowdfunding campaign already, you’ll be getting a special invite to the first ever Virtual Night at PianoFight. From the safety and comfort of your couch-home-office-kitchen you can experience the fun shows and wild characters you regularly encounter in a night at the venue. This show is happening on Saturday, May 16 at 6pm. Everyone who donates by Thurs, May 14 at 11:59pm PST via PayPal / check / Venmo (@PianoFightSF) / Patreon will get an invite with a link and password. Hope to see you there!

New Merch
– Our brand new / special Cali-quaran-corn tees are available here! And we have our classic logo hoodies or tees on offer as well. Keeping this community #TogetherWherever is our main goal right now, so join in with some stylish custom apparel you can wear anywhere you’re able to go like around the house or onto your porch.

The Virtual Venue and Tip Jar
– Our Virtual Venue is still going strong! Wednesday through Saturday nights are booked with your favorite regular PianoFight acts to provide you with some excellent escapism, belly-laugh-inducing Zooms or dreamy music to make dinner to. Each artist is posting their Venmo links so you can hang, listen, laugh, dance, and tip the artists in the process. Virtual Venue Schedule

Share Share Share….
– If you’re strapped for cash too – and believe us, we hear you – you can still help by sharing any and all of these. If you do share something, tag us (FB, IG, Twitter), use the hashtag #TogetherWherever, and let us know a favorite memory you have of PianoFight or what you’re missing most about the place.

Every dollar received and any support given is really appreciated. The money is put to use keeping the bills paid or set aside and earmarked for the costs associated with restarting this beast once shelter-in-place is lifted.

Thanks again for everyone’s love and support during this time. It’s meant the world. We look forward to seeing you under the un-hibernated Californicorn soon for a beer and a show once we get through this.

Lots of Love,

Dan, Duncan, Kevin, Rob

UPDATE: Weds, March 25


With the swift and unwavering support of our community, we hit our $50,000 fundraising goal on Weds!

We cannot thank you enough – for donating, for sharing, and for telling us, in no uncertain terms, how important PianoFight is to your life and the creative fabric of San Francisco.

Hitting this target will keep PianoFight stable until mid-April. Ideally, local, state or federal funding will come online before then. We’re not sure when this crisis will end so we are keeping the crowdfunding campaign going. If you’re still able to help we can definitely use it. Donate HERE. Join our Patreon HERE. Share our FB post HERE.

Raising $50,000 from 750 in 10 days has allowed us to get some much needed extra funds to our staff, pay essential expenses, and plan an immediate pivot for the business. So without further ado…

We are stoked to announce the PianoFight Virtual Venue with nightly slots on a live feed. Starting tonight, we’ve booked staggeringly talented musicians to play sets from 6-8pm PST Weds-Sat while you’re having a cocktail, making dinner, or chatting with friends.

Additionally, we’re working with Mission CTRL on a new immersive, interactive boardroom Zoom meeting, a PianoFight staff and community centric variety show, the world’s only online-joke-fueled-sports-video-game Comedy Baseball, and much, much more.

To see the upcoming schedule, check out our Virtual Venue Show Calendar – we’ll be announcing new shows regularly. We’re excited to build this new platform so you can “come by” PianoFight like you would, hang out with us like you would, and spend some money with us like you would in normal times. Remember those normal times? Yeeeaahhh. Those sweet, sweet normal times.Thanks, stay safe, and see you in the chat.

– Dan / Duncan / Kevin / Rob

Sat, March 14


After weeks of uncertainty, evolving local ordinances, and new information everyday, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of the health and safety of our community, our staff, and ourselves to temporarily close the venue until we feel it is safe to reopen.

This is especially frustrating for us, because creating community is what we do. In times of joy and in times of crisis we come together to make, create, entertain and engage. But COVID-19 has taken that away from all of us. So now, to ensure that this communal space will still be here when this emergency has passed, we ask that our community unite in a different way. To keep PianoFight alive we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay our staff and essential expenses while we are closed.

Simply put, we need your help. PianoFight will not survive without it.

Our funding goal is uncertain considering the nature of the disease and the length of time this shut down may last, but given the immediate and abrupt loss of all revenue, we need to raise at least $50,000 to survive the next 4 weeks.

Thousands of people perform here every year. Tens of thousands see shows here every year. And if you contribute to this campaign, we will have a place to come together once this crisis has ended.

Thanks! Stay healthy, stay safe.

-Dan, Duncan, Kevin, & Rob